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Winner of the Governor General’s Literary Award

“This rare achievement combines formal poetic mastery with honesty and vulnerability.”

-Jury citation

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Certainly this is a collection of great craftsmanship and focus, and at just over 60 pages, is a wonderful example of a book that can be read in a day while leaving a lasting impression. But beyond all of its fascinating literary references, its enveloping grasp of the grieving process, and the evolution of its suffering speaker, Shadow Blight ultimately succeeds on its ability to show its readers its pain and to teach them how to find beauty within it. In MacAskill’s own words: ‘o how beautiful / the poets make our catastrophes –’.

The Ampersand Review (Jacob Alvarado)

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Shadow Blight

From the publisher:

Shadow Blight considers the pain and isolation of pregnancy loss through the lens of classical myth. Drawing on the stories of Niobe–whose monumental suffering at the loss of her children literally turned her to stone–and others, this collection explores the experience of being swept away by grief and silenced by the world. Skirting the tropes (“o how beautiful / the poets make our catastrophes”), MacAskill interweaves the ancient with the contemporary in a way that opens possibilities and offers a new language for those “shut up in stillness.”


“Murmurations pushes the limits of comparison and convention to suggest an existence that, despite our technological complexity and our tendency to set ourselves apart from the natural world, is creaturely and embodied.

Plenitude Magazine (Noah Cain)

Murmurations is a joy to read and hear!”
Atlantic Books Today (Dr. Afua Cooper)

What makes Murmurations especially memorable is MacAskill’s attentiveness to the ways nature engulfs her characters. From birdsongs to the ‘green hiss of the leaves,’ the natural world is ever-present.”

-THIS Magazine (Jessica Rose)

From the publisher:

Murmurations is a collection of love poems that explores how intimacy tests the capacity of language—how music is also noise and the prospect for miscommunication abounds. Populating her poems with birdsong and murmurings of the natural world, MacAskill highlights how poets and lovers share much with birders on the twitch, how even keen observation and intense passion can fail us as we pursue our beloved across distances and through time. Yet when we do finally find love it often seems, like a rare bird, “at once/singular and improbable/ because of how clearly it appeared to us.”


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No Meeting Without Body

Nominated for the League of Canadian Poets Gerald Lampert Memorial Award (2019)

Shortlisted for the J.M. Abraham Poetry Award (Atlantic Book Awards) 

knifeforkbook 2018 pick

From the publisher’s website:

The poems in Annick MacAskill’s debut collection No Meeting Without Body are confident and crisp. Departing from works of art and literature, historical figures, myth, and anecdote, her poems draw the reader into their subjects with unaffected frankness and intimacy, answering society’s most reductive forces with a resistance rooted in the dignity of human connection.

Brotherly Love: Poems of Sappho and Charaxos

Chapbook, Frog Hollow Press, 2016 (out of print)